LuLaRoe retail locations – Keep your eyes open on Instagram!

Having a “LuLaRoe retail location” is specifically against LuLaRoe policies and procedures, yet LuLaRoe Hidden Treasures has deemed it appropriate to set up a brink and mortar location and LuLaRoe Amber Jones, well-known from this post, has deemed it a-ok to set up an entire warehouse for her business. Are LuLaRoe retail locations, owned by retailers, anything new? Nope. But they’ve become much more prevalent in the last year.
LuLaRoe retail locations

Yet, as we can see below, LuLaRoe Hidden Treasure is advertising their NEW Grand Opening Pop Up in Lexington, SC. Now they may think themselves sly by calling it a pop up, but that’s a brick and mortar location, which is strictly forbidden by LuLaRoe P&P. This was posted nine hours ago on their IG. Take special note of the custom decal on the front window and the “elegant” drapes – sheer and sparkly, just like the LuLaRoe Elegant Collection. If anyone has gone to this “pop-up”, let me know if they are selling anything here BESIDES LuLaRoe, because that’s against P&P too. A very special thanks to a person on social media sending this to me 😍

LuLaRoe retail location

Their post on IG, prior to this one, is of these oh-so-colorful coozies that they will apparently be giving away at their “pop-up”…….now if this was a one time pop-up, I certainly wouldn’t spend money on coozies for a location that was only going to be used for one, four-hour pop-up.

LuLaRoe retail location

When you go to the link that’s on these coozies, it leads you to their Facebook page. Below is the description of the group.

LuLaRoe retail location

The website registration was privacy protected, so there’s no way to actually see who owns the domain. It was purchased through Google.

And let’s not forget the discriminatory retailer, Miss Amber Jones! Take a look at her new digs!

LuLaRoe retail location

She’s got a whole fucking WAREHOUSE now for her new LuLaRoe retail location! I think Church Lady said it best…….

LuLaRoe retail location

When other mentors have been asked what’s being done about Amber and her blatant discrimination of a deaf customer, all they’ve been told is that “Home Office is working with Amber’. Were they working with her to obtain this new warehouse? Are they working with her to send her hand-picked inventory for this new location? Probably all of the above. I know that LuLaRoe hasn’t said TWO FUCKS about her discriminatory practices. That rug that LuLaRoe sweeps things under is going to explode so very soon.

It is alleged that Amber had to move her business out of her home, because her HOA (in her gated community) came down on her because of the traffic that she had coming to her house. Can you imagine all the boxes she would have had out for trash pick up and how unsightly that would be? Nothing like trying to run a business of this magnitude out of your home……IRS, are you listening?

I am sick to fucking DEATH of retailers NOT following P&P and LuLaRoe not doing a damn thing about it. LuLaRoe does not CARE how hard they make it for the smaller sellers – as long as they are getting big bank from the top sellers. And as always, THE RETAILERS ARE LULAROE’S CUSTOMERS. No one else. The end users are irrelevant to LuLaRoe – just ask all the people with defective merchandise that can’t get a response from LuLaRoe about their items.

Remember this tidbit that happened in the city of Corona last year? I’ve seen many a “LuLaRoe retail location” popping up. More so now than ever.

LULAROE DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK about anyone but themselves. Mark & DeAnne are the epitome of greed.

If you aren’t speaking out, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. You know how to reach me.

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