LuLaRoe Mark Stidham is buying 5 million in autos – with your refund money

LuLaRoe Mark Stidham is buying 5 million in autos – with your refund money. Does that piss you off? It certain pisses ME off. With some super sleuthing from Becca Peter, we can see the multiple LLCs that LuLaRoe has created to protect all Mark’s sports cars and this very expensive hobby. See the screenshot below for the breakdown. 
LuLaRoe Mark Stidham is buying 5 million in autos

At least two LLC’s have been created in connection with his VERY expensive hobby! “Ghost Squadron”, which we would assume holds the registration on his Koenigsegg Ghost and  Straight & Narrow LLC, which recently sponsored the event in which the Koenigsegg Ghost broke the land speed record at 277.9 MPH.
LuLaRoe Mark Stidham is buying 5 million in autos

Mark Stidham also sits on the board of directors for Spirit of Performance AB, which may have been the company that entered the car into the land speed record attempt. At the 2017 LuLaRoe convention, Mark pulled up to the convention  in his Koenigsegg  Agera R, flaunting the blood, sweat and tears of all retailers in that one simple act.
LuLaRoe Mark Stidham is buying 5 million in autos

Here’s the kicker though – that was his FIRST Koenigsegg.  The one that broke the land speed record? That’s his SECOND Koenigsegg. At base pricing options, the Ghost is said to retail for 2 MILLION. But who’s going to buy that costly of a car with the base options? You know he didn’t…… we’ve now got at least 4 million tied up in TWO Cars.

But wait, there’s MORE!

Mark Stidham also owns a McLaren. From the picture below, it appears as if this is one of the 570 series.
LuLaRoe Mark Stidham is buying 5 million in autos

Here’s a blip from Car and Driver about the 2017 McLaren.

LuLaRoe Mark Stidham is buying 5 million in autos

So base price on the McLaren is almost 200K. But again, who purchases this type of car with the base package? You don’t…… add some additional “moolah” to that price tag, folks.

So we’ve got three cars with base pricing of $4.2 million at the base packages, so I don’t think that $5 million is a stretch. LuLaRoe Mark Stidham is buying 5 million in autos while WE wait for refunds. DeAnne has already reported said that they are waiting to fund refunds with capsule and holiday launches – this SCREAMS lack of funds at LuLaRoe but Mark has money for all these extravagant vehicles.

Remember this image that was floating around the internet, in the LuLaRoe heyday?

FIFY (Fixed it for you).

LuLaRoe Mark Stidham is buying 5 million in autos

Feel free to share this image far and wide.

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  1. Yeah, that is some pretty obnoxious stuff. When consultants are waiting weeks (if not months) for refunds (some in the tens of thousands of dollars), and are being told that they won’t issue refunds until new collections/capsules are l launched, that is some very offensive behavior by him. Whenever I see a celebrity who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars (or Mark Zuckerberg, who is worth over $1 billion) pull up in a Toyota Prius or some other “normal” car, it makes me smile. Even if they have $10 million of other cars sitting in a garage at their house, they choose to drive the economical vehicle around town and not cause a scene. Since I live in a place where lots of celebrities “play” during the summer, I witness this first hand. Many actually come into town on bicycles. But the celebrities aren’t stealing money from anybody to fund their lifestyle. The $5 million that he spent on cars could have funded a hell of a lot to help out those less fortunate than he is—food, medical care, houses, education. And it certainly could have covered quite a bit of the refunds owed to consultants for returned merchandise. What I find ironic is how he brags that other companies are jealous of LLR’s success and that is the basis of the class action lawsuit–do you think that Ralph Lauren or Donna Karan or Tom Ford are sitting around, envious of him? Do you think the Waltons (that own WalMart) are sitting around, envious of him? If LLR was that fabulous and such a money maker, on extremely stable financial footing, other big companies wouldn’t be sitting around being jealous—they would be trying to merge with them or trying to buy the company. What most recent actions by LLR are strongly supportive of money problems at the top. Consultants are bailing out in droves and LLR owes them so much money that they can’t keep up. They never expected this to happen—or they did expect it, and they didn’t care. They probably didn’t expect so many consultants to bail out at the same time and have to issue so much in refunds at the same time. The castle is crumbling……….

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