Let’s talk about the LuLaRoe Noir collection, shall we?

Yesterday, LuLaRoe announced the “Noir” Collection! So, let’s talk about the LuLaRoe Noir collection, shall we?

All the minion drunkards were all atwitter around the interwebs. The amount of sugary sweet gushing was enough to make anyone vomit. DeAnne was SO excited on the webinar to talk about the “Noir” collection and I’m sure she thinks it’s a “gamechanger” (LuLaRoe’s favorite buzzword). 

Let's talk about the LuLaRoe "Noir" collection

Some people seem to think that the LuLaRoe Noir Collection will be the same price as “normal” LuLaRoe styles. I honestly don’t think that’s the case at all. I have never known LuLaRoe to release ANY collection that was not higher than normal MAP (collection, NOT capsule). In the image below, you can take a gander at what MAP pricing is.

LuLaRoe isn’t cheap. And LuLaRoe is in no way, shape or form, a TOP designer. No clothing designer that I know of charges higher prices if you want to purchase their pieces in black. If they don’t charge more for the LuLaRoe Noir Collection, they will sell it in kits, which means you don’t get to pick your “sizes”. An example of a kit is Mother’s Day Leggings this year (2017). It was a complete package with TC, OS, Tween, Kid’s L/XL and Kid’s S/M. If you’re a seller that didn’t stock kid’s clothing, too bad. If you wanted the Mother’s Day Capsule, you were forced to purchase it this way and this way only (go look at the retailer lawsuits about “forced purchasing” – this would fall into that category ).

Let’s not forget to mention that BLACK is an EXTREMELY popular color in clothing. I would say that black ranks in the top five most popular colors for clothing. And yet LuLaRoe has ignored, for four years and seven months, the retailers SCREAMING for more black pieces. This is a fashion no-brainer – YOU OFFER BLACK AS AN OPTION. It shouldn’t be harder to find than LuLaRoe collective intelligence on how to run a business. It certainly shouldn’t be manipulated by LuLaRoe or their retailers as a “unicorn”.

As if this isn’t egregious enough, I’ll leave you with something else to ponder. LuLaRoe, last week, stocked the 2016 (yes, last year’s) Elegant Collection for retailers to purchase; now you know that most of this was “sanitized” returns. I’m in the process of finding out if these sold out or not, but this begs the question: how desperate is LuLaRoe for liquid funds in order to pay ex-retailers that have returned merchandise? It’s been rumored that DeAnne stated on a high level call with her drunkards that they are only paying out refunds from the funds of launches and capsules. I’ll leave you to figure out whether that means that LuLaRoe financial issues – but the writing on the wall is pretty clear.

And don’t come at me with the song and dance that they are releasing all these new styles, so they are solvent. BULLSHIT. It can take 6-8 month for them to actually get inventory in their warehouse once it’s designed – so these would have been ordered in the May/June time period. GOOB wasn’t as prevalent in the early days of the buyback policy. The epidemic happened around July/August.

If that wasn’t enough disappointing information for you, there’s one more thing to consider, but we’re going to have to take look at LuLaRoe Policies and Procedures for this one.

Do all these new “collections” fall under “seasonal” and/or “discontinued”? This area in P&P is as broad as the side of a friggin’ BARN. I have a theory: LuLaRoe is going to release most of these new items as “Collections” or “Capsules” and they will then shove them into this portion of P&P and deny refunds on them. Many people across the internet have had this theory – I’m not the only one. But if LuLaRoe releases only “Collections”, that allows them to skirt out of any responsibility of paying any refunds on those items. Sneaky? You betcha. Typical? You can bet your ass that’s a YES. If you decide to GOOB after you’ve purchased the LuLaRoe Noir Collection, how will LuLaRoe know if what you send back is from this collection or from regular inventory? They’ll just make one big sweeping decision that you can’t get refunded for anything that you return that is black. One more way to skirt the MLM laws that apply in the state of California.

So the LuLaRoe Noir Collection is only a ploy by LuLaRoe to bring in more liquid funds as a way to pay their ex-retailer refunds, as is all the new “Collections” and “Capsules” being released. It’s been said that there will be new “releases” every 30-45 days for the next six months. And I’d be willing to bet that none of these will be returnable.


LuLaRoe Noir collection

They did NOT upcharge for the Noir Collection. “Color” me surprised. But don’t be surprised if these are bleached, dyed returns 😉

And the image above ☝️☝️☝️? It was put out by LuLaRoe themselves, in the Noir launch email.

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  1. You pretty much contradicted yourself here by saying the Noir collection was put in place 6-8 months ago but yet they’re only doing it to have cash to pay off retailers from the increase of resignations this summer…
    Why so angry?

    1. I didn’t contradict anything. I said it was ORDERED 6-8 months ago, prior to the huge exodus of LuLaRoe retailers. And if you need to ask WHY I’m angry, you need to read the blog posts on here. That will give you more information than you’ve bargained for, I’m sure.

      My point is this: they were more solvent 6-8 months ago, when these orders were placed. DeAnne has stated on upline calls they are are not paying refunds UNTIL they launch Collections or Capsules and have that money coming in. Wait 6-8 months (if they haven’t gone bankrupt by then) and see if they are still launching new items every 30-45 days.

      1. I am just waiting for another class action lawsuit to be filed by consultants who have been waiting weeks (or months) for refunds. LLR constantly does things that set them up for litigation—announcing in a call that refunds are only going to be paid when they launch new collections or capsules is ripe for court intervention. All the lawyers have to do is file the class action suit & then submit an order to show cause for an injunction that prohibits LLR from spending any of their money until the consultants that are waiting for refunds are paid. Pretty simple. So, they can’t be spending money on new collections or capsules until they pay all the refunds that are due. I believe that there are some serious financial issues in the LLR offices. I don’t think they expected their minions/cult members to give them such a severe backlashing. They probably thought that they had effectively brainwashed all of the consultants & had them eating out of their hand, no matter how much they screwed them over. I find it funny how they’ve gone from syrupy sweet, “We love you and care about you” and flipped 180 degrees to “We’re not paying out any refunds until we release new collections/capsules. They are screwing us, so we are going to screw them.” Reminds me of a song, “After the Love Has Gone” by Earth, Wind & Fire.

        ‘After the love has gone,
        How could you lead me on
        And not let me stay around?
        Oh, after the love is gone
        What used to be right is wrong
        Can love that’s lost be found?”

  2. People have suggested that the noir collection is returned products just re-dyed! With all the financial trouble llr is having definitely makes you wonder, especially since it won’t be straight black

  3. Just ordered what I want, sizes I want, and same price as usual LLR. Also, your pricing is wrong for OS leggings on the post above.

      1. How do you know that image was put out by lularoe themselves? And not by a consultant that accidentally made a typo? You seem to know a lot but not really. The facts are you are a bitter person that wants to take down a company that you have nothing to do with. So why don’t you shut your mouth and go away

        1. How do I know it’s from LuLaRoe themselves? It came in the Noir launch email! And if you think I had nothing to do with LuLaRoe, you best read the pinned post on the home page, my dear. I was in LuLaRoe for over a year and DO know what I’m talking about. Shut up and go away? Did I hurt your feelings? If you can’t stand the heat here, then by all means, get the fuck OUT of the kitchen. Now BE GONE!

      1. This consultant also post black Noir singles to the first 50. Then doesn’t invoice or respond to email. Poor customer service. If Sarah call to get her water connected and it was never turned on or she never got a response to an email I am sure she would be mad. And the fact that consultants feel it’s ok to remove customers who gives angry faces or voice an opinion they don’t like is ridiculous. I can go to the mall and buy black leggings and not be required to by 3 other mystery leggings that can’t be sold because they are so ugly. There their are the Consultants who jack up prices and sell on eBay. One consultant jacked up the price of a unicorn Debbie to $60 and when it was brought to her attention she hit the remove button. Lol… Do you Consultants think that by removing customers that you’re hurting the customer they can live without you. You need them more than they need you

    1. You are most welcome. We all need to support one another from a company that is already morally bankrupt and soon to be financially bankrupt.

  4. Not only did most consultants not get any nior, but now they have a new damaged items policy. You will have to mark the item with a “red fabric marker”, get an RA#, print the email, package all in a box of 15 ITEMS and ship back at your own expense! That will keep your hard earned money tied up in defective items for a good while if you don’t order tons of stuff!

  5. Defective groups are now sharing customer posts that seem to show defective Noir pieces. Basically the black dye is bleeding. Considering many woman paid for three to six “mystery” items just to receive one black piece, I assume there has to be a backlash. The return policy also seems to forbid those consultants “lucky enough” to get black from exchanging for these damages. I hope, for the sake of consultants and customers alike, that this is the end of LLR. What an awful company.

  6. My thoughts on this twistery..the noir was a debacle.. consultants only selling sets instead of single pieces. I can walk into a store in the mall and purchase an item that I have looked at and want and not have to buy anything else just to get it. There are some consultants that still have a lot of this capsule and they put up list to sale perfects to the first 50 people (a single item ) but then they never invoice you and they sell it to somebody else. You send emails and get no reply. Now let’s talk about the elegant collection I seen one consultant that jacked up the price on a Debbie and when it was brought to her attention she removed me from the group..lol. I think I’ll make a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. These so-called Consultants have poor customer service I’m sure they would not appreciate it if they were calling someone regarding their electric or water bill if they never got a reply back from that company or if they placed a connect order and it was never turned it on.

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