LuLaRoe Deanne Brady Stidham – Verbal abuse of her NIECE

Don’t you ever piss off LuLaRoe Deanne Brady Stidham (Aunt DeAnne) and contradict what SHE thinks you should do.  If you do, you’re likely to get this treatment – take a look at the verbal abuse of her niece. 

This is a message that was sent to DeAnne’s nice, Kristy Benton, regarding not going to leadership to maintain her coach status and to receive her bonus check.

This occurred back on 01/11/2017. Why am I talking about this now? Because this was brought to light by Sam Schultz, DeAnne’s nephew and Kristy’s cousin. Sam has had a long and sorted past with DeAnne and Mark that culminated in Sam being stuck with $40K in LuLaRoe merchandise when LuLaRoe terminated his contract, one of the reasons being that he was one of the first family members to speak out against DeAnne. And he has continued to do so. DeAnne is well-known within family circles for her verbal abuse and passive-aggressive behavior.

Kristy STILL has NOT received this bonus check. OVER A YEAR LATER. Many of the defective group emailed in to various email addresses at HO and took this to all platforms of social media to out this travesty. Within hours of the Defective post, Kenny Brady called both Sam and Kristy repeatedly – they both declined the calls.

LuLaRoe won’t address ANYTHING unless it’s brought out to a VERY public light. I implore you – GET YOUR STORIES OUT THERE. Contact me, or contact anyone that can get your story out for you. If you need to remain anonymous, that’s fine – let the person that you entrust your story to know that. BUT get your stories out there! Brick by brick, LuLaRoe will fall.

You can see Sam’s post on the Defective group below. He explains why Kristy was unable to attend this particular leadership.

Sam has alleged that he will continue to bring the skeletons out of the closet until LuLaRoe stops their deceptive and fraudulent practices. He has been speaking out against them for approximately the last year: he stated many times that he is sorry that he ever was involved with LuLaRoe and that the greed has gotten the best of DeAnne and Mark.

I’m sure that there are MANY, MANY skeletons in the closet, and one I posted just last week about the weight loss surgery, drug pushing and drug use is posted here. If you want to see a PDF of the screenshots of that entire post, you can go here for that. It’s a huge file, so please give it time to load.  I finally found an app that will allow for scrolling screenshots and it works perfectly!

This is call to action, folks. Many upper level LuLaRoe retailers and family members of LuLaRoe are speaking out. If you’re not speaking out, you’re getting paid. And you know what? You’re getting paid off the blood, sweat and TEARS of the former retailers whom LuLaRoe has royally FUCKED over. Karma is a bitch – and she’ll be calling your name all too soon.

And so am I. I’m not going anywhere, anytime soon. You can count on that.

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