A bit of history. The Laigels are in the top 5 or 10 “buyers’ of LuLaRoe. Their neighbor turned them into their Home Owner’s Association for running a business out of their home (listen at the six minute mark and again at the seven minute mark).  She refused entry to the city inspector so now she has to go to court.

She also talks about bribing the city official by having his wife join her LuLaRoe group and “she’ll give her tons of leggings”.

I’m not feeling sorry for her. You can’t run a business in your home, of that volume, for years like they have been doing. How does this affect people in her neighborhood? The TRAFFIC and the CONSTANT DELIVERIES. Duh. Did you really need to ask that question???

Former LuLaRoe Retailer Services Employee wants their story told

For the sake of anonymity, this employee will be referred to as Billie. When Billie reached out to me, they expressed that they harbored the same feelings of failure that we as retailers have experienced. I expressed my empathy with them, because at times, I have felt those feelings as well . I remind myself that I am NOT the one that failed. LuLaRoe failed ME, as they have thousands of other people. Here’s Billie’s story. Billie was a LuLaRoe Retailer Services employee from February 2016 until September 2017, in the email department. This was written by the source with some editing to protect identity.  Continue reading “Former LuLaRoe Retailer Services Employee wants their story told”

‼️ UPDATE ‼️ – Home Office email regarding LuLaRoe retailer locations!

It has been brought up in the LuLaRoe Defective’s group that LuLaRoe apparently has guidelines for opening brick and mortar LuLaRoe retailer locations. This was sent to one retailer after they were forced to stop selling from their home. LuLaRoe has not put these “guidelines” into the “official” policies and procedures, but here they are, in an email from HO. Continue reading “‼️ UPDATE ‼️ – Home Office email regarding LuLaRoe retailer locations!”