LuLaRoe retailer Michele Parsley thinks “blackface” with a side of racist comments is just fine!

History of “blackface“.

This came to me by way of LuLaRoe Fail Mail.

“This is an LLR consultant. I used to be in her group but have now left. She had a charcoal mask on one night during a live sale. Some people posted racist comments. When I commented it was a bad idea to be doing this her response was to bring it on & she ignored the racist posts. The whole thing was supposed to be a “joke” but I didn’t think it was funny.

You can see the comments Buckwheat & Tar Baby in the picture.”

If I need to explain to you why this is wrong, in so many ways, you can leave my page right now.

LuLaRoe retail locations – Keep your eyes open on Instagram!

Having a “LuLaRoe retail location” is specifically against LuLaRoe policies and procedures, yet LuLaRoe Hidden Treasures has deemed it appropriate to set up a brink and mortar location and LuLaRoe Amber Jones, well-known from this post, has deemed it a-ok to set up an entire warehouse for her business. Are LuLaRoe retail locations, owned by retailers, anything new? Nope. But they’ve become much more prevalent in the last year.
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