Former LuLaRoe Home Office Employee speaks out- you want to read this.

Color me surprised when I logged into Twitter to find that a former LuLaRoe Home Office employee had contacted me and wanted to tell their story! This former LuLaRoe Home Office employee had intimate knowledge of many areas of the home office, but wanted to tell me about a few specific things. For the sake of this article, let’s call this person former LuLaRoe Home Office employee, Mack. For those of you not familiar with reading blog posts, the words in italics are directly from the source themselves and unedited. 

Mack dealt with the day to day dealings of ordering from vendors, like MyDyer and another outsourced vendor, for various products and submission of artwork to vendors. Mack had frequently seen orders being placed with vendors for large quantities and at the very last minute, greatly reduced because LuLaRoe did not have the cash flow to place that large of an order. That is not an assumption on my part – LuLaRoe not having the money is what Mack said. This was in the April to July time frame of 2017.

Mack also alleges that the Disney artwork was to be submitted in batches of 20-30 submission per day and that the LuLaRoe art team was submitted 100-200 PER DAY, instead of the 20-30 that Disney requested. That’s ten times more than Disney had requested. I am of the opinion that Disney got sick of actually looking at the artwork and basically passed it through without review. Disney was far too overwhelmed to be able to review these for quality over quantity.  Was this on purpose, by LuLaRoe? Sure – they inundated Disney with so much artwork that it could have been glossed over and not given the thorough review that it deserved. The Disney two year contract expired December, 2017. Mack did not know if the contract had been renewed and when Mack specifically asked, they told Mack ““who knows we can’t predict the future”. If we don’t see any new Disney within a couple weeks, we’ll know why!

Mack had also dealt with unwanted sexual advances from employees while working at LuLaRoe and had provided LuLaRoe with screenshots of this occurrence, since it happened through text message (I have copies as well). While the advances happened outside of the workplace, the person was still a LuLaRoe employee. Mack had spoken with Ileidis from Human Resources and by the time they finally came to a determination in their case (after 2 weeks),  Ileidis had left the company. Mack didn’t know the reason why Ileidis left and also doesn’t know if Ileidis quit or got fired. Ileidis was the person that Mack had dealt with regarding the entire situation and in the end Julie (Ileidis’ replacement) gave LuLaRoe’s determination to Mack, which infuriated Mack since the new Human Resources person never heard directly from Mack, what had transpired. LuLaRoe decided to do nothing to address the situation. Lorina Montano was the head of HR by this time. If the sexual misconduct unquestionably takes place outside of the work environment, nevertheless in some cases an employer could be held liable based upon the consequences of that misconduct in the workplace. LuLaRoe didn’t even address the issue.

The art department at LuLaRoe has about 4-5 people in it, according to Mack. Each person in the art department was tasked with making 80-150 “arts” per day. Artists would complain, because honestly, that’s a TON of art to do in one eight-hour shift. And here’s a lovely little tidbit that will interest EVERYONE.

In regards of stealing art, I found that out from one of the artist (that left the company) that the art director told them to get an art online and modify it a little.  The artists that I know, honestly, work so hard and they do make their own art. But they all left in July. The art director was Brian. I would hear new artists get lectured by LuLaRoe….and the new artists left because pressure was too much for them and they didn’t like how every art was based on LuLaRoe’s thought of what …was popular. From what the artist(s) told me, Brian would just tell them to take it of the internet and modify it.

Former LuLaRoe Home Office Employee

After the Disney launch, LuLaRoe had stated that Universal Studios had reached out to them to set up a licensing deal.

And LuLaRoe started to have launch ideas and by like July 2017 I asked LuLaRoe and they said it probably won’t happen till 2019. But that kinda sounded like universal shot LuLaRoe down lol. He went on (for) weeks talking about universal. Then it died out and LuLaRoe never mentioned it…again.

When one of the artists decided to leave, LuLaRoe took this stance.

Before the artist left, Brian and LuLaRoe told the artists to sketch for them (so they have art to make when the artist quit). The colleague that dished the dirty laundry of the art dept. told me he was willing to give LuLaRoe copies of the work he made for LLR so that he can use the art for his portfolio when looking for jobs. I was then told how LuLaRoe considered the guy as “not a team player” and what the artist did was illegal because he took his art and just quit on the spot. LuLaRoe said it was illegal because the guy was under a w-2 or something and that the art belonged to LuLaRoe. But w2 is for tax 🤦🏻 The artist wasn’t planning to sell the art but I mean, LuLaRoe kinda lost the artist for themselves.

What’s been your thoughts on how the LuLaRoe Home Office is set up? To me, I’ve always envisioned it as a complete building with just LuLaRoe. I was a tad surprised to find out that was not the case.

Their home office in Corona consists of 3 floors that they own. 6th floor being Mark and Deanne as well as their families that work with them, 4th floor is customer service, and bottom floor is the art team. Accounting is located in a whole different location, in Corona, that’s with their Corona warehouse. Deanne and Mark honestly don’t even know anyone of us existed.  (At) mid-meetings in home office (not vendor meetings but within their staff) they would have dance parties. And Deanne has so much sample clothes that she had her house re-done to expand her closet. She would always request more samples because she couldn’t find one and they’ll still be in bags too.

As an owner of a company, it’s well within your rights to take some inventory or samples. But to request more samples because you can’t “find” what you’ve already taken is ludicrous.

When asked about LuLaRoe piece showing up in retail stores, Mack had this to say.

TBH, LLR points fingers at others when stuff like this happens. Mydyer wouldn’t sell off to other brands. If anything it might be someone from warehouse who took it and sold it off to make a profit. But they also have another vendor outside of Mydyer but they only do local fabrics (meaning not llr artwork, bought already made and printed fabric).

To be honest, none of this surprises me. Mark & DeAnne are not involved in the day to day operations of the Home Office staff and apparently, are just there to wait for the money to roll in.  It seems as if clothing might be just walking out of the warehouse.  There seems to be MANY areas in which Mark  &DeAnne are clueless and let others do the “leading” for them. I know that this has been the case in regards to the sales tax lawsuit and the subsequent issuance of the sale tax refund checks through Many retailers and customer alike have gotten checks made out to people other than themselves or made out to a first name only.

Mar & DeAnne, your staff is ONLY as good as the example which you set. And that’s not a good one at all. Brick by brick, you will fall.

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