‼️ UPDATE ‼️ – Home Office email regarding LuLaRoe retailer locations!

It has been brought up in the LuLaRoe Defective’s group that LuLaRoe apparently has guidelines for opening brick and mortar LuLaRoe retailer locations. This was sent to one retailer after they were forced to stop selling from their home. LuLaRoe has not put these “guidelines” into the “official” policies and procedures, but here they are, in an email from HO.

So, do they have different guidelines for different people? Why not make the LuLaRoe retailer locations guidelines “official” (but we all know how official P&P is anyway) and put it in P&P? Inconsistencies, much? So many questions……

LuLaRoe retail locations LuLaRoe retail locations
LuLaRoe retail locations

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