Public apology

Good Morning!

I wanted to offer a public apologies to Becca Peter for the use of her tracking document for LuLaRoe lawsuits. We have talked, come to a resolution and the document has been edited to reflect her contribution to this “cause” as well as completely reformatted. 
Some of you have asked me to “out” myself: unfortunately I cannot do that just yet: I am waiting on a refund check from LuLaRoe that is one of the highest amounts that I’ve seen so far. I’ve only seen a few that are higher than mine. Please know that I am completely  on the side of the wronged retailers (I think that’s evident if you read this blog, but wanted to reiterate) as I am one as well and find the entire situation unsavory and illegal.

Looks like I might have up to a month more to wait for my refund and once I have that, I will feel much more comfortable sharing my identity. Until then, I remain hidden for a reason.

Again, if you need to contact me for any reason, please email me at or use the contact form on this blog. Thank you!

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