LuLaRoe Pro……you mad?

Patrick Winget Is not happy about the backlash he’s getting in Instagram because of his extremely poor design choices for this year’s holiday capsule collection. So,┬áLuLaRoe Pro……you mad?

LuLaRoe mad?
In an all time HIGH in hubris, LuLaRoe decided to allow Patrick to design the holiday capsule collections with the faces of himself, as well as the Layered One, DeAnne Sitdham. Looks like the feedback on IG is not in his favor – and I know it’s definitely not in his favor on Facebook. Here’s just a couple of the designs.

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It’s been said for quite some time now that LuLaRoe designs for consultants, because they are the majority of people buy at retail or keep items that come in their boxes from the warehouse. This solidifies this opinion.

Why in the WORLD would anyone, besides a LuLaRoe retailer, want to wear these people on their bodies? And of course I especially want DeAnne poking her head out right above my vagina – I STRIVE for that. Oh, and these prints? They’re up on wholesale pages already. Non-retailers have no idea who these people are and certainly don’t want to wear them on their bodies. The capsule just released on Tuesday so the earliest that they could have been received is Wednesday or Thursday. And they’re up for wholesale already.

Just about the only thing I would use these print for was to wipe my ass. This truly shows that the LuLaRoe Home Office staff, headed by DeAnne, thinks that they are rock stars and feel that putting their faces on products is justified. It’s very rare that I would wear a piece of clothing with a person’s face on it; if I did it would have to be Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla. I have mad respect for those people. But Patrick & DeAnne? That’s a hard no.

Can we also address the absolutely horrid grammar in most home office communiques? They tout themselves as a multi-million dollar company and yet have grammar of a three year old, at times. This is not putting your best face forward (Get it? Face? I crack myself up).

The shit storm that has now become LuLaRoe is a train soon to leave its rails. So many lawsuits – I’d love to see one regarding designs being unsaleable or strictly created for the retailer-only market. I bet it’s coming.

But……but…….LuLaRoe Pro……you mad?

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