Miss Sarah Gibbons, LuLaRoe Retailer……….COME ON DOWN!

Miss Sarah Gibbons, LuLaRoe Retailer, it’s YOUR CHANCE to be featured on the LuLaRoeFail blog! COME ON DOWN!

But honey, in all seriousness, you truly need to NOT turn to Google for your “template” in regards to a cease and desist letter. See the letter below.Sarah Gibbons, LuLaRoe Retailer

Now obviously you do not know this, but it can be considered forgery to send a letter signed by an actual attorney that has no knowledge of you and doesn’t know that you exist. Might want to check the laws on that one, darlin’. They can also prosecute you for it, if they wish.

But then, you even tried to defend yourself through Messenger……..

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And thanks to the LuLaRoe Defective group, they’ve located your “template” online, but let me give you a teeny tiny hint: “John Doe” is to represent the person that you’re writing the letter to: the is to be REPLACED with the actual person’s name! This is just SO precious! Pretend law should not be practiced by those that don’t even have a cursory knowledge of the law. I mean, for realz.

So, now you’ve been added to the “mean girls” list too and don’t forget your LuLaBrother, “mean boy“. Did you to happen to meet at the University of Google Law School? That MUST be it!

I honestly just can’t anymore with the people that think that drafting a cease and desist letter themselves is legal, as well as the method of delivery of sending it through Facebook Messenger or email. That’s not a professional way of sending a cease and desist letter, at all.

What I cannot¬†fathom to understand is this: if you are SO DAMN successful, how do you even have the time to Google a cease and desist, alter it (poorly, I might add) and then send it? What happened to “stay in your own lane” and “working your business”? We have as much right to our FREE SPEECH as you do! We have to listen to your spewing all that Kool Aid drivel so you get to hear us refute it. Deal with it.

Miss Sarah Gibbons, LuLaRoe Retailer……….COME ON DOWN! You’ve now been featured on the LuLaRoeFail blog! Please don’t let this happen again: stay in your own lane!

3 Replies to “Miss Sarah Gibbons, LuLaRoe Retailer……….COME ON DOWN!”

  1. It’s so very hard for up lines to enter the real world and realize they are just regular people like everyone else. All the intimidation and guilt they use to manipulate people is useless and they go back to having little or no value in the lives that are ‘below’ them in the pyramid. It’s understandable considering they are led b head mean girl herself, the layered one, and he will NEVER see her own self in the realiy that she is. Sorry folks, you fun little game of bullying people and forcing everyone to agree with you has ended. Try reality sometime.

  2. P.s. whoever authors this site, from the looks of the form that unedited on twitter, I thought it was Heather…. I like you A LOT! You’ve got my email and are welcome to share any of my comments to MG if so desired.

    1. No, not Heather but I thank you for your comments! I will continue to stand up for us and call bullshit when I see it. Thanks so much!

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