LuLaRoe retailers – selling for charity…….?

I have a big problem with people claiming “charity” when they are selling something.

If you’re going to do something for “charity”, it shouldn’t be making a you a profit. Yes, I am one of THOSE people that thoroughly check charities before I donate to them. You would be amazed how many charities there are the contribute pennies on the dollar to their stated causes.

So….this retailer is asking the RETAIL PRICE for kids’ leggings ($23) which is garnering her a profit of a little over 50%.

With the $14.92 in profit that she’s getting, how much of that is actually going BACK into “goodies” in the chemo bag? What are they keeping for themselves?

When I do charitable work, that’s not something that I post on social media. It’s something that I just DO. I don’t need to advertise it, because that’s my ego advertising and not my heart.

Charity drives such as this need to be WAY more transparent. What goodies are you including? How much will those goodies costs? How much is being used for packaging? What is the packaging? These retailers could be throwing things in a paper lunch sack for all we know.

Oh….and as a side note? I don’t need you to tell me that “Jesus loves me” with a “bracel” (bracelet). What if my faith does not include Jesus? What if I am atheist? Jewish? Pagan? Wiccan? You’ve just insulted both the parents and the child.

Use your grey matter when doing charity causes. Or, better yet, don’t make a profit of off it!  That sickens me.



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