Ever wonder about the person behind the name?

Ever wondered about the person behind the name?

Well, now you’ll know.

I’m an ex-retailer that was with the company over a year. I was never a heavy Kool-Aid drinker and of course I questioned my uplines constantly about things I didn’t agree with or were unfair.

Remembering, when I first joined, about how capsules were released…the endless bugs and frustration.

Oh, and the TC legging shortage, that some have now insinuated was intentionally caused? More screenshots on that one later.

Manufacturer’s defects with products? Gotcha covered there.

You might have seen me on Twitter – that’s where I first started voicing my opinions about LuLaRoe…..but I have so much discontent inside of my from my journey that sometimes, 140 characters is not enough.

So, I welcome you to read my longer thoughts here. I’m hoping, that by writing this all down, that I’ll be able to get some of this out of my system.

There’s tons more to come…this has been building for a long time and now, I’m going to let it all out.

To the grammar police out there – fuck you. I do this out of my want to expose LuLaRoe for the sham that they are. If you do not like my writing style, then move on. I welcome you to take up the torch and write about this company. As a matter of fact, I dare you. Bring it on! We need more people willing to talk about LuLaRoe and expose all their dirty little secrets.

Edited to add: My business was not a failure. I sold over 8-10K a month for many months while working a full time job. I WAS successful. LuLaRoe is the failure, not me. And your “mean girl” attitude about trying to make me look like a failure? You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

They should be afraid…..very afraid.

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