LuLaRoe ignores the Las Vegas shooting – let’s cut that ribbon & dance instead!

We’re all aware of the mass shooting in Las Vegas that happened late Sunday night at the Route 91 concert. This was the LARGEST MASS SHOOTING in USA history.

In tacky-as-fuck fashion, LuLaRoe stuck their collective heads’ in the sand and instead, had a ribbon cutting ceremony and dance party for their “new” South Carolina warehouse opening. Continue reading “LuLaRoe ignores the Las Vegas shooting – let’s cut that ribbon & dance instead!”

LuLaRoe “manufacturers” defects

So… appears that the Villain’s and Halloween leggings are STILL rife with defects. These defects have been going on for over a year.

I can remember when the defects first started showing up that LuLaRoe made a statement that this was because of the “patent pending” process used to brush the material to make them “buttery soft”.

Please direct your attention to the large clothing retailers that have now gotten into the “buttery soft” legging fad….WalMart, etc. Have you heard anything about those leggings getting holes? Me either.

And do you know what typically happens within a company when there are manufacturer’s defects? THEY ADDRESS IT. THEY ACCEPT THE PRODUCT BACK, THEMSELVES, AND DEAL WITH IT. Did LuLaRoe doe this? Nope.

They pushed it off onto their retailers – with a Happiness Policy. They told us that we “should” accept returns from anyone – even if it was a product we didn’t carry – to make the customer happy. Exchange it out for something they did want, or refund their money – even if WE DIDN’T SELL IT TO THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

This left a TON of retailers in a very uncomfortable position: refuse the return and piss off a (potential) customer, or accept it and lose out on our own hard earned money.

LuLaRoe home office tried to “force” this policy on us, but you see – we are independent retailers and not “employees”. They couldn’t really force this on us, even though they tried to by getting uplines to bully us or shame us into doing it.  If an expensive items was accepted as a return for us, if it didn’t fit, for example, we were to take care of that customer and possibly be out the money for that expensive item.

What a GOOD company does in regards to manufacturer’s defects is that they take care of the customers themselves. THEY take back the merchandise and THEY address rectifying it with the customer, whether it be through a refund or another replacement item.

In the case of the selling retailer being out of business, LuLaRoe would then address the issue OR push it off onto a retailer local to that customer. There were, finally, some customers that were addressed and told that they would receive refund checks directly from LuLaRoe Home Office.

Did they get them? That’s a post for another time.