LuLaRoe Mentor PAID ONBOARDING FEES for people to join their teams

In the screenshots below, it appears as if Courtney Harwood, LuLaRoe Mentor  paid onboarding fees for FIVE people to join her team, in order to make money on those people.  Please see the screenshots below. 


Even though she’s “asking for a friend”, it’s quite obvious, as you read the responses that she’s actually asking for herself.

While this is strictly against the LuLaRoe Policies and Procedures, and MASSIVELY frowned upon by the Direct Sellers Association, it does not appear to be illegal. It is seen as an “unfair advantage” by “buying” someone to be your downline and then profiting off of them.

What gets me is now that she’s announced her “official” resignation, she thinks it’s okey dokey and just PEACHY to try to go after these people for the money that SHE has gifted them, be it with legal action or blatantly “outing” them on Facebook: there’s that “mean girl syndrome” I talked about last week.

Apparently SHE didn’t feel that these people worked their businesses hard enough and then sold their inventory and never paid her back. It appears as if she didn’t have any sort of agreement drawn up for these “gifts” and is now having giver’s remorse.

While it could be possible that these “giftees” did not work their businesses hard enough to be successful, it could also be that ever-sustaining LuLaRoe upline GUILT TRIP that the company has done NOTHING wrong and that the failure of your business is ALL YOUR FAULT.

LuLaRoe has nothing to do with the legging defects. LuLaRoe has nothing to do with ALL the stolen artwork. LuLaRoe has nothing to do with the over-saturation of the market (check out that retailer map below).

LuLaRoe has nothing to do with the absolute SHITTY prints that they have been producing since last Autumn. LuLaRoe has nothing to do with thousands of dollars worth of back orders that they are sitting on and have not shipped out. LuLaRoe has nothing to do with the damages that they are denying left and right these days. LuLaRoe has nothing to do with the “mean girls” syndrome and the 6 year-old tattle-tail mentality that they THEMSELVES have encouraged and requested.

If you look closely at those screenshots, you’ll also see ANOTHER mentor, Meagan Parker in this conversation, stating that she “hoped” Courtney had a contract drawn up. Not admonishing Courtney for breaking P&P or telling her how wrong that is: just wanting to make sure that Courtney has protected herself. It also appears as if this news is nothing “new” to Meagan Parker – rather that it’s the “norm” and that you should be protecting yourself with “agreements”.

THIS tiny tidbit of information given here truly shows the down and dirty DEVIOUS nature of some of these upline mentors. FOLKS, THEY HAVE BOUGHT THEIR TEAMS. They did NOT get out and recruit ALL their people. They took the lazy way out and PAID for them to join. Not only is this an unfair advantage to the people that cannot afford to do this, it’s a horrible business practice and speaks LOUDLY to the type of person that you are.

And what other dirty laundry is she being asked about by the news media? Or is she throwing a dash of self-importance in there?

Courtney and Meagan? Karma’s a bitch, lulaloves. And she’ll find you SOON enough.

UPDATE: Apparently this was posted on her personal page. 



5 Replies to “LuLaRoe Mentor PAID ONBOARDING FEES for people to join their teams”

  1. My sponsor is a mentor and has offered this to a few people. Two I know of for sure, her ex assistant and a mutual friend. This mutual friend knows EVERYONE in town and knows how to hustle. She denied the offer as her BFF is a LLR consultant and wasn’t ok with going behind her back to join someone else. Nor did she want to be apart of LuLaRoe. You know, morals…

    1. Morals? What morals? And from where did your mentor receive instructions on doing this? Was it suggested by LuLaRoe home office?

  2. How ridiculous! A contract or agreement? Ok, but be sure that it subtracts every red cent commission she made due to the onboards and orders! Oops, that turns the numbers upside down and the mentor needs to pay the gifted. Why? These are very very greedy people and would only pay for someone to on board if it was going to push them up and over another level to a higher commission! Trust me, they worked the numbers and would only do that if it were to their financial advantage . These up lines are only above their downlines because they got in soon or not because they are worthy or got there by merit. But oh how they love to use intimidation and guilt to bully and strong arm everyone they are “above”. So many have on boarded their spouses, mothers and other immediate family…..SHADY. But they’re above the little people and deserve 100k-1M annual salaries. Reality much? Ugh I would love to see each and every mentor and coach held accountable!

    1. I could see if the “paid back money” was going to the downline, based off what she made FROM Them. But it just goes to line the LuLaRoe Golden Pockets. It’s criminal, really!

  3. She has already stated that the $6k was a “gift”—gifts are not collectable. Her own stupidity & greed is what got her into this mess. A loan is collectable, and you need a specific loan agreement or promissory note to make that binding. The utter stupidity of posting this in text messages is a prime example of the lack of intelligence of the mentors & upper level folks managing LLR. Stupid is as stupid does.

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