1. Phil is a DICK! I was in that group, after a couple of weeks of watching lives I decided to go for an item. I commented sold and the #. After about ten comments another lady posted sold and that #. Phil said to the lady you got it with the #. Then I commented darn I thought I was before her. Then like 20 other girls said the same, he kept going with live. Girls kept commenting, then another got rude to me for just saying “darn I thought I was 1st”. I politely told her that my comment was way ahead of the other ladies. Then Phil stops the music and states my first and last name and says if I don’t stop that he will delete me from the group! Super embarrassing!! I was pissed! I just left and removed myself from the group. He is rude to customers all the time. I sent them a very lengthy e-mail about my disgust of how I was treated, when I was only explaining to the other customer why I had made that comment. I told them I had never been so humiliated in my entire life. The wife responded a couple days later with a half ass, apology email. Needless to say I haven’t looked back. Phil is a fucking douche canoe, steadily canoeing down a rapid river of Summers Eve! 🖕🏻

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