🚨🚨🚨 BREAKING NEWS! P!phany’s first consultant resigning!

For those of you that don’t know, P!phany was originally called Honey & Lace. Honey & Lace is owned by LuLaRoe DeAnne Brady Stidham’s sister, DiAnne. DiAnne and DeAnne no longer speak and it is alleged that DeAnne stole the “maxi skirt” concept out from under DiAnne and pushed her out of the business when LuLaRoe was started. There’s a whole sorted family mess around these two and it appears to be all DeAnne’s fault. I’m not here to discuss that point though, but only to inform my readers that the very first P!phany consultant has resigned. Screenshots are below.

There’s been rumors flying around that P!phany has turned into LuLaRoe-esque venture based on recent policies and procedures that have changed. Along with the rampant rhetoric and “mean girl syndrome“, P!phany has been experiencing an exodus like LuLaRoe has, only to a much smaller scale. When the first-ever consultant resigns, it’s not a good look for the company, regardless.

P!phany's first consultant resigning

P!phany's first consultant resigning

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