Straight from a Mentor – no new LuLaRoe legging prints this year!

A LuLaRoe mentor leaked confidential information yesterday that there would be no new LuLaRoe legging prints released in 2018 in S/M, L/XL, Tween, OS and TC. TC2 was just release last fall, so they will have to order those to have them in stock. That does not mean that they won’t reuse our old favorite prints like Doritos, vaginas and dog dicks on TC2 they produce this year. See the screenshot below.

no new LuLaRoe legging prints

Honestly, I am not at all surprised at this. LuLaRoe is still receiving returns from retailers that wish to GOOB. Even with the newfangled “LuLaMath” that they are using to calculate refunds, people are still will to take a loss, sometimes significant, to exit the company. I know that  I returned over 500 pairs of leggings. Returned leggings account for most of LuLaRoe warehouse inventory at the moment and it is anyone’s guess how many have actually been returned from retailers. LuLaRoe will never give out the returned merchandise numbers. Or any honest numbers, for that matter.

The Kool Aid drinkers, at current, are hunting down the source of this screenshot because this information was not supposed to be public knowledge. However, in all honesty, if you have a team of retailers under you (your downline), and you do NOT share this information with them, you are just as bad as LuLaRoe themselves. Kudos to her for speaking up and watching out for her team.

The amount of returned merchandise within the warehouse is one reason that they would not be placing orders for more leggings this year. Another reason is PROFIT. Instead of LuLaRoe focusing on ordering their lowest profit product (leggings), they will concentrate on keeping the warehouse supplied with the higher profit items. LuLaNo Pro Patrick stated in the HO webinar yesterday that they have “many new styles coming out this year”. Yeah, I cannot wait to see what THOSE look like. Can we get more ill-fitting, unflattering styles, please?

Patrick and DeAnne have also stated in the past that they do not want to be known as a “legging” company and leggings may not be around “forever”. It’s their lowest profit item – I am not surprised.

I’m also sure that they greatly underestimated the amount of retailers that would leave the company so quickly and have a TON of back stock in warehouse for some items. When you are expecting 80,000 retailers to order and the total is around 40,000-60,000 now, that leaves you with almost double the inventory you need.

For a company whose claim to fame was their “buttery soft” leggings, I think it speaks VOLUMES as to the crisis that the company is in now. Not that they will ever release any numbers or ever tell the truth, but this is a very telling sign. When a company stops producing their “claim to fame” product, for an entire year, their business is in jeopardy.
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