There is a NEW data breach that has been unaddressed by LuLaRoe, with the Bless debt card. AND THE HOME OFFICE HAS MADE NO ANNOUNCEMENTS ABOUT IT.  Retailers have received NO EMAILS or communications whatsoever. data breach that has been unaddressed by LuLaRoeSeveral retailers have seen mysterious iTunes purchases show up on their LuLaRoe Bless debit cards and this has been going on since at least November 17th/18th.

The cards link to the breached accounts have been cancelled and this has left retailers with NO access to their funds, AT THANKSGIVING. They cannot buy Thanksgiving dinner, they cannot do their Black Friday shopping and they have no other way to get there monies. Bless card transfers normally take 3-5 days (at least they were when I was a retailer) so retailers cannot even transfer money to their bank accounts.

This COULD NOT HAPPEN at a worse time of year. Oh, but GUESS WHAT! You can now see your credit card info INCLUDING the CCV code on the Bless card website and it is automatically linked to your LuLaRoe inventory ordering system, Build. So you can order your DAMN LuLa but you can’t have Thanksgiving dinner. And you can order anywhere online but you can’t actually go into a brick and mortar store to use your money.

One LuLaRoe retailer made a video about this breach on Friday. November 18th; you can watch that here.  She got her new card issued ONLY to wake up this morning to find $300.00 worth of iTunes charges on her NEW CARD.  So the new card was breached less than two days after re-issue. 

This is somewhere between 5-7 data breaches that there have been on this card system since JUNE. That’s approximately one a MONTH. If anyone know any other card like this that has had monthly data breaches, please, shoot me an email or fill out the contact form. With this latest breach, LuLaRoe nor the credit card company, Store Financial Services UK (which is now under the EML umbrella, have notified retailers. The screenshot below states the California requirements for notifying affected persons if their cards have been breached. LuLaRoe has not contacted anyone to which I have spoken.

I’ve been saying it for months but I’ll say it again: TAKE YOUR MONEY OFF THOSE DAMN CARDS ON THE DAILY. Or switch to using Paypal or Square and run your sales through Bless as cash. FUCK this PISS POOR card system that LuLaRoe has put into place (that’s really not your money til you remove it).

This newest data breach that has been unaddressed by LuLaRoe is just another prime example of LuLaRoe lack of business know-how. How do you have that many breaches in that small amount of time? There is no security on these cards. Nothing like LuLaRoe letting your collective asses hang out in the wind…….oh, wait. They do THAT on the daily.
data breach that has been unaddressed by LuLaRoe

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