Well, unfortunately, we have to discuss the LuLaRoe Noir launch fiasco

I’ve waited a couple days to post about the launch because I needed my own emotions to settle down and I also needed to “read the room” and see how this would play out. The LuLaRoe Noir launch fiasco has been the nail in the coffin for a great deal of LuLaRoe retailers. 

Firstly, if you’re a smaller retailer and did not get Noir, I’m so very sorry. If you tried to place the order on Wednesday only to have it cancelled, I’m so very sorry. I know and realize just how upset you all are because of this and I feel your anger. And your anger is justified and should NOT be downplayed.

LuLaRoe knew all too well that this would be the MOST sought after collection since LuLaRoe’s inception. Retailers have been begging for more black for years. It was a NO BRAINER that this collection would sell out. LuLaRoe knew this. They intentionally removed limits on this Collection launch; they needed it to sell out.

Ya know what? This collection would have sold out WITH or WITHOUT limits.  So that them poses the question, why DIDN’T LuLaRoe limit this launch? I’ll share a few theories.

  1. They still have thousands to pay out in return refunds. They needed the liquid assets.  Mark Stidham has $5 million+ tied up in sports cars hidden in various and sundry LLCs.
  2. They wanted to assure that the TOP SELLERS got what they wanted. I’ve heard rumors (I have no hard facts) that one retailer dropped $500,000 on this collection. That’s half a MILLION dollars, folks. Others, like Katie May Mooney and Darcy Santora have publicly posted they’ve got THOUSANDS of Noir pieces ordered.
    LuLaRoe Noir launch fiasco
  3. They did this INTENTIONALLY to  weed out the small sellers, forcing them to quit LuLaRoe. You know why? Because when the little sellers quit, LuLaRoe pays less in bonuses to the big sellers. It is my opinion that LuLaRoe wants the large sellers to be able to service all the LuLaRoe clientele. With the LuLaRoe customer base shrinking by the day due to the outrage and empathy they feel for the small sellers, it makes it easier for less retailers to service the customer base. And anything LuLaRoe can do to cut down on bonuses benefits THEIR bottom line.
  4. GREED. Plain, unadulterated, GREED. The LuLaRoe that I had agreed to join over a year ago is NOT the LuLaRoe that it is today. DeAnna Brady Stidham and Mark Stidham do not give two SHITS about anyone but themselves, and the top 10. Period.

So that brings me to this video that was streamed LIVE on YouTube yesterday (you see, a live stream on Youtube disappears right after the stream ends). Mark Stidham wanted this to go away as soon as he said it. But everything on the internet lives forever, darlin’. You can’t think it will disappear.

LuLaRoe CAN NO LONGER SUCCESSFULLY HIDE under the guise of being a new company. They can no longer play the incompetent card – sorry, that’s just not flying anymore. You’ve limited launches RECENTLY – Disney, the Harvey & Jaxon launch, etc. You KNOW how to do this. The viewing public and LuLaRoe bystanders are well aware that LuLaRoe intentionally did NOT limit this launch. Don’t ever think that this wasn’t intentional.

Let me also add that DeAnne and Mark’s relationship with the “retailers” is akin to a physcially, emotionally or mentally abusive relationship. Here’s some signs that you are in one.

1. Your partner constantly embarrasses you on purpose in front of other people. (Retailers embarrassed that they disappointed their VIP groups)

2. Your partner criticizes everything that you do, constantly points out your flaws and makes you feel like you can’t do anything right. (You aren’t working hard enough!)

3. Your partner tries to control every move you make and every word you say. (This one is self explanatory.)

5. Your partner constantly reminds you of your failures and flaws, eager to make sure you know “what’s wrong with you.” (The launch will not make or break your business!)

6. Your partner could care less about your feelings, and often tells you that you’re too sensitive or your opinion is just wrong. (Hello, Hello!)

7. Your partner thinks you are incapable of most things, and knows what’s best for you. (We’ve got your back! Trust us!)

8. Your partner blames you for his or her problems, bad moods and overall unhappiness. (The whole video above is blaming the retailers)

9.  Your partner makes you feel guilty about wanting to see your friends and family, or going anywhere on your own. (Give your kids Spaghettio’s! Hire a nanny!)

10. Your partner makes you feel like you aren’t good enough for him or her; your partner says he or she could do better, and you should be thankful to be in the relationship. (Same song and dance)

11. Your partner makes subtle threats that might be disguised as a “suggestion” to help you. (“I warn you – consider your words. Consider what you say”. See video above)

Out of a list I found online of 20 signs that you’re in an abusive relationship, LuLaRoe fits ELEVEN of them. And don’t make me go find the image of how to know when you’re in a cult.

LuLaRoe has apologized time and time again for issues with launches. And they’ve said they’ll be better time and time again; that they are still learning.  BULLSHIT. This is exactly the behavior that an abuser demonstrates – it’s a vicious cycle.

Ladies, GET OUT OF LULAROE NOW. Do not allow yourself to be abused and fed the SAME lies repeatedly. Just don’t do it. Get out of that abusive relationship NOW. LuLaRoe has fucked you and there will be no more launches this year to help you get Christmas money. Elegant is stuck in customs, and by the time it get to the warehouse, gets curated and is available to sell to your customers, holiday party season will be halfway over and you’ll be STUCK with those fugly items.

I’m so very sorry that your bubble has been burst in this most egregious way over the LuLaRoe Noir launch fiasco. But consider this: you now know not to invest ONE MORE PENNY into LuLaRoe and to start liquidating to get out NOW. Shopping season is upon us and GOOB sales will be busy with people looking for LuLaRoe. Get your stuff listed in the GOOB groups and get some money in for yourself for the holidays. As long as you haven’t been a douchcanoe to the GOOB groups, they are extremely helpful and will do whatever they can for you.

We  you. Please remember that we know you’re crushed and we know that you are hurting. Take that pain and rage and use it to get out of this CULTure NOW! Get yourself some holiday money. Get time back with your families. LuLaRoe is SO not worth this stress and strain. Don’t resign until you’ve sold off each and every last piece. The LuLaRoe Noir launch fiasco is the last straw.

I’m so very sorry.

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  1. I was looking for the youtube video of yesterdays call so thank you for posting. I am wondering if he paused and edited the video and put an onion in his face to start crying….lol

    1. Nah, no onion. He was thinking about the meeting he just had with his accounting department who told him that LLR’s profits are taking a nose dive…………..it made him cry.

  2. I felt bad for the consultants that got screwed by LLR when they changed the return/refund policy (not to mention all of the other shit that went down). After this blatant kick in the gut to all the small sellers by LLR, and clear display of not giving a shit about any of them other than the top sellers, I will have no sympathy for any consultant that stays and continues to sell with this deceitful & greedy company. If this isn’t a clear sign to sign that resignation form & sell your entire inventory at whatever prices you have to in order to sell it, I don’t know what is. So, if you stay, you have no right to complain. Let the top sellers be responsible for selling their $1 billion. Get out & get your life (and money) back.

      1. This, of course, raises the question of whether the top sellers are listing those Noir pieces on eBay to sell, or if people that bought them from the top sellers listed them for sale. Looking at the sellers Ebay that are selling Noir pieces indicates that they have sold MANY other pieces at greatly inflated prices—it would be difficult to believe that one person would buy so many LLR pieces only to see them on Ebay. Many of the pieces are “rare unicorn” items—and who are the consultants that get the “rare, unicorn” items? The top level sellers. Instead of worrying about Riley posting live videos to expose the truth about LLR and having compliance spend their time send her emails about the MAP pricing, perhaps LLR should start looking into the identification of some of the sellers of LLR on eBay. I bet Mark & Deanne would swallow their tongues if they found out that the top sellers are hawking “rare, unicorns” on eBay. I would find it very difficult to believe that a person that paid $25 for a pair of black leggings from the Noir collections would turn around and try to resell them for $30. A $5 profit isn’t worth it. But, for a consultant to sell Noir pieces for $10 to $20 to $50 more than MAP on eBay, instead of selling for MAP to their own customers, it’s worth it for them. And, considering that the top sellers are the only ones that were able to get any Noir pieces, it is a good bet that the eBay sellers advertising black pieces are those top sellers. Go check it out. In the “Feedback” section, take a look at all the things that were sold by the sellers that are currently advertising black pieces on eBay—-if the ONLY items a seller has sold on eBay are LLR pieces, there is no doubt that they are a high level, top seller. LLR has cultivated an environment of deceit, dishonesty, nastiness, greed & untruthfulness that started at the very top & trickled down to the top sellers, leaving the smaller sellers helpless & hopeless.

  3. I have a friend selling this and was crushed she could not get even one piece of Noir. Well guess what, out of curiosity I looked on EBay and it’s all there for sale. Just wrong. Just the,fact that the retailer has no control over what comes in inventory is bad business. I don’t see why anyone would go for this

  4. This article is spot on.. Thought I was the only one to think and feel like this.I got out of LuLaRoe in April, it was a huge relief. Great articles!

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