Agnes & Dora – the family resemblance begins

Oh, hey there Agnes & Dora – the family resemblance begins! We see you there……did you actually JUST do the same thing that LuLaRoe did ages ago? You saw how well it turned our for them, right?

Agnes & Dora - the family resemblance begins

Another MLM is encouraging the mean girls syndrome upon their retailers: “please tattle on our retailers and let us know what you see”. Just exactly how well did that work for LuLaRoe? That turned out HORRIBLY for LuLaRoe. LuLaRoe is now involved in no less than 10 active lawsuits some of which speak to the bullying of retailers by their uplines.

A&D better check themselves, because in most states, a buy back policy for unused “new” inventory is REQUIRED. And that buyback requires that retailers wishing to get out of the business can return items for a 90% refund. Noticing the similarities yet? The owner of Agnes & Dora, Elizabeth (Buffy) Bandley (maiden: Worsley) is LuLaRoe founder Deanne Stidham’s niece. Didja know that?

Looks like Agnes & Dora is falling into the family’s footsteps in regards to trying prevent going out of business sales and then threatening retailers. One thing that A&D has done that LuLaRoe never did is that if you are caught discounting your inventory, you CANNOT participate in the “Buy Back” program. That’s a really slippery slope right there. I wonder if Auntie DeAnne coached Buffy on this little “stunt”? The similarities that are starting to emerge within A&D in regards to LuLaRoe are eye-opening to say the least.

Remember all those reps that stated “A&D is SO different than LuLaRoe” and “Buffy really cares about us”? Are you still feeling that same way? If you are, I think you need to get your wits about you because A&D will be heading down the same path as LuLaRoe before too long. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN, and still retain your soul.

It really breaks my heart to see yet another clothing MLM doing this to their retailers. One would think that the examples set by LuLaRoe of how NOT to treat their retailers would have taught all of them a thing or two. Apparently not.

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