BREAKING NEWS – LuLaRoe Class Action Retailer Lawsuit #2 filed!

BREAKING NEWS – LuLaRoe Class Action Retailer Lawsuit #2 filed! A RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) lawsuit was filed yesterday in California.
LuLaRoe Class Action Retailer Lawsuit #2 filed

You can see the full filing document at this link. In a nutshell, LuLaRoe is accused of racketeering and being a corrupt organization in regards to their recruiting scheme as well as their “upline” payment structure. There’s much more to it than that: the RICO Act is one of the MAIN acts that was used to convict mobsters, of any persuasion. THIS IS A HUGE DEAL FOLKS.  If the district attorney of California decides this case has merit, this can go from a civil case to a criminal case, which can involve jail time. 

You can see my post about the first retailer class action here. Contact them here:
865 Howe Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95825
Telephone: (916) 924-3100
Facsimile: (916) 924-1829

The bottom is falling out, LuLaRoe….and you’ve got nowhere to go but DOWN.

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