The Great Legging TC legging shortage of 2016…


Remember the great TC legging shortage of 2016? Me too.

I was embroiled in the midst of it.

Having thoroughly unloaded on my direct upline and her direct upline, she sent me to our tippy top upline mentor. This was our convo. This “interaction” from a Mentor was in November of 2016.

So…you see that Deanne is their upline.

And you also see, because I can think for myself and put 2 and 2 together, that LLR might not be the right “fit” for me.

Excuses about being such a “new” company are just that….excuses. Plenty of new companies actually hire a competent management team and are quite successful. But that’s a post for a different time.

Remember the alert services that were out around that time?  You can read about Joseph Farrar and what was created to be notified when legging came back in stock here.

It was pulling info that was in the coding of the webpage itself, which did not, at the time, violate P&P.

Having been in retailer for two decades, something was not adding up. Logistics is NOT that complicated. You move inventory from point A to point B. You hire enough logistics personnel to be able to complete that task. Not rocket science, folks. With the BILLIONS of dollars worth of sales they were doing, this shouldn’t have been an issue.

But LLR allowed this shortage to continue. And continue. For MONTHS it continued. They never increased their logistics for greater supply. But yet mentors and higher-ups were able to get TC leggings, and it seemed they were able to get them whenever they wanted! How was this possible?

  1. Mentors never shared the alert system, if they were using it. It was a very quietly kept secret.
  2. Mentors and higher-ups had a very unfair advantage and were able to put in orders via phone (no proof but plenty of rumors and verifiable proof they had inventory), they had access to a completely different ordering system or Home Office made sure these higher- ups got what they needed, giving them an unfair advantage over the rest of us.

Even now, with the Disney VIllians Halloween launch, mentors have had Villain inventory SINCE BEFORE THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH. Here’s a screenshot of one mentor having it a little over 24 hours from launch. Some were also spotted before launch.

Yeah……no preferential treatment, huh? YOU be the judge.

But demand – supply = chaos and a “perceived” higher demand. It was pure chaos trying even get on the website once information was leaked that TC leggings were available to order. The site would crash – repeatedly. Sometimes you couldn’t even get on it. And still, no limits were put in place. Mentors were ordering 2000+ pairs AT ONE TIME. And the people at the bottom of the tree were left with no ability to order any.

But LLR was a “sisterhood”! We were “all in this together” and

“Where through fashion we create freedom, serve others, and strengthen families. A place where lives are being blessed and dreams achieved through love, purpose, confidence, trust, and growth.”

How were our uplines serving US? By greedily ordering all the supply that was available? Thousands and thousands of pairs of leggings? Nope – it always was and always WILL BE all for one and one for themselves.

Greed of upline mentors is a topic for another day.

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