Ever wonder about the person behind the name?

Ever wondered about the person behind the name?

Well, now you’ll know.

I’m an ex-retailer that was with the company over a year. I was never a heavy Kool-Aid drinker and of course I questioned my uplines constantly about things I didn’t agree with or were unfair.

Remembering, when I first joined, about how capsules were released…the endless bugs and frustration.

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LuLaRoe retailer Michele Parsley thinks “blackface” with a side of racist comments is just fine!

History of “blackface“.

This came to me by way of LuLaRoe Fail Mail.

“This is an LLR consultant. I used to be in her group but have now left. She had a charcoal mask on one night during a live sale. Some people posted racist comments. When I commented it was a bad idea to be doing this her response was to bring it on & she ignored the racist posts. The whole thing was supposed to be a “joke” but I didn’t think it was funny.

You can see the comments Buckwheat & Tar Baby in the picture.”

If I need to explain to you why this is wrong, in so many ways, you can leave my page right now.


A bit of history. The Laigels are in the top 5 or 10 “buyers’ of LuLaRoe. Their neighbor turned them into their Home Owner’s Association for running a business out of their home (listen at the six minute mark and again at the seven minute mark).  She refused entry to the city inspector so now she has to go to court.

She also talks about bribing the city official by having his wife join her LuLaRoe group and “she’ll give her tons of leggings”.

I’m not feeling sorry for her. You can’t run a business in your home, of that volume, for years like they have been doing. How does this affect people in her neighborhood? The TRAFFIC and the CONSTANT DELIVERIES. Duh. Did you really need to ask that question???

LuLaRoe Racism at Home Office – My Take on Lawsuit #23

LuLaRoe is no stranger to controversy and just when you think they can’t get any worse, they do. The latest shenanigans today (and they are happening daily, as of late) is the civil suit filed by Brandon Stubblefield, alleging blatant racism. This is the first that we’ve heard of home office racism, but I’m honestly not surprised that LuLaRoe racism exists. If they can perpetuate and allow discrimination and retailer mocking people with disabilities, nothing would surprise me.

lularoe racism

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